Love Nikki

Love Nikki – Important Tactics Players Should Check At Least Once

Customize the look of your character and then take part in different events and contests to win better rewards. As you know, it is a dress-up game; you need to change the outfits of character as per the events in which you are going to take part. Along with it, you will also find various types of tasks that you should complete on time to get rewards. It is also important to manage funds smartly to make progress faster. Make sure you are buying the outfits that you really want instead of spending funds on unnecessary things.

It is also important for players to complete quests to gain funds. With the help of taking part in the quests, you can complete them and claim your rewards. Also, sign in the game daily to grab your rewards in order to load your game account.


Always spend money to get monthly cards

If you are ready to spend your hard-earned money, then you should always spend it to get the monthly cards. You can also opt for value packs to get the best out of your money. These packs are cheaper so you can easily afford them. With the help of some value packs, you can get the clothing, fantasy tickets, and much more. On the other hand, if you are buying the monthly packs, then you can get some amazing rewards after sign in the game. Try to get the best possible advantages of these cards for which you have spent your money.

Duplicate outfits

While playing the game, your main motive is to collect more outfits. You may also get some duplicate outfits. If you are still confused about what to do with these outfits, then you shouldn’t worry anymore. These outfits are useful as you can use them later to meet your needs. First of all, take these outfits in the recipe workshop where you need to breakdown these outfits. Tap on the decompose button and choose all the outfits that are duplicate. When you decompose the outfits, then you get many crafting materials along with coins and other rare items.

After this, you can combine these materials in order to create new outfits with the help of a reconstruction menu. It will also help you to fill up the casket with which you will get an exclusive clothing item that you can’t find anywhere in the store.

Importance of association coins

Players have an option to dye the outfits to make them unique. But the dyes are costly that anybody can’t afford to buy in order to purchase the dyes, players should spend star coins. By spending 8 star coins, you can buy dye, whereas you need to spend 20 star coins for the fabrics. Instead of spending stars, you can also make use of the association points. The star coins are more valuable than the association coins, so you should try to save up them. With the help of Love Nikki Hack, players can make progress throughout the game without hassles.

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