Love Nikki – An Ultimate Guide For Newbie Players

Love Nikki is a fashion game where players need to dress up several characters to take part in events as well as contests. The game has an interesting storyline that you need to understand to get started. You can find several gorgeous characters as well as the best-designed outfits. Players can collect these outfits by making purchases in the game shop or taking part in some events. Well, the game also features a free design mode where players can style their looks by changing the outfits and paying attention to makeup.

To make progress throughout the storyline, players should follow some tips, tricks, and hints. It is also crucial to learn the basics with the help of the tips which we are going to mention in the further post.

Change your outfits

Whenever you take part in events, then you need to change your outfits. It is really confusing to choose the outfits because a huge collection is out there. All outfits are not the same, and that’s why you should pick the one smartly. You need to follow some vital tips for the selection of the best outfits. You shouldn’t put the outfits that you see at first. Check all the options available in front of you and then make your choices by considering all the essential things in mind.

Know about the outfits which will work better for the special events, chapters, and arena. You can also get assistance from the Nikki guide app to choose the right outfits for the events in which you are participating.

Link account with Facebook

When you start playing the game, then you will get an option that helps to connect the account with Facebook. It will help you to recover your game, which means you can play the game in any Smartphone as per your desire without losing your progress. In addition to this, you can also enjoy some other perks that you really want to. when you link your account with Facebook; then you are able to share new outfits, achievements, and other screenshots to the Facebook account. In this way, you can let your friends know about your progress in the game.

With the help of this, players will be rewarded with a lot of diamonds and stamina that they can use later to fulfill their requirements. When you post your achievements related to the game on Facebook, then you can claim your rewards instantly.

Crafting tips

you also have an option to craft the things that you want with the help of in-game resources and other materials. At the initial stages, you may have a limited number of diamonds and gold, so you shouldn’t waste them or you can by trying Love Nikki Cheats. While playing the game, you should always spend these resources wisely on crafting things. First of all, complete all the chapters, and then you are able to spend your resources as per your desire. If you start wasting resources at the initial stages, then you may be stuck later in a chapter due to the low funds.

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