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Love Nikki Hack – Easiest Way To Cheat Diamonds

In the category of simulation role-play genre, Love Nikki is quite a popular choice these days known for the quirky features thrown into this mobile game by the developers. This game is developed by Elex. This game is based around the development of character, enhancing overall skills, and focusing on the rest of the factors.

Coin and Diamond are two different currencies in this game. Both are important to earn, and if you can’t earn enough, then you can go after the use of Love Nicki Hack or consider the in-app purchases option. Both methods are reliable, but one of them help to get whatever you want for free. This can provide a range of advantages with ease.



In this wonderful journey, it is important to look after the necessary tips. So, we focused on the important tweaks and came up with the main factors that can help you out without any problem. Let’s begin –

  1. Daily Tasks

In this game, developers are offering a range of daily tasks to complete. They are easy to take care of and completing them helps earning coins. When you open this game, a bunch of tasks is already added on the main screen. You can hit them up and know about what to do. Completing a task help earning more coins and diamonds.

A number of new tasks are added into the game, and each task keeps getting a bit typical with the levels. They are mostly about adding tweaks into your original character. Keep on enhancing your character is the main thing, but it takes a little time. You need to learn about the basics of the game, and when you are done, from the normal part, it becomes easy to be an advanced gamer.

As per events like Christmas or Halloween, you can plan for better dresses. For example, this is Lunar New Year, so you can plan a better dressing in such times. It might take a little time, but it will definitely worth your time and help you get some of the best dress. It will give you better rewards.

  1. Saving Funds for Better Outfits also

There are so many dresses to buy when you get the opportunity to try in stores. It is well said by experts that do not buy everything that you can because it is wastage of coins and diamonds. Save up a little for the later use. It is always better to save for the later use because when occasions appear, you don’t have much to spend. This can put you in trouble.

So many different types of dresses are available in the game that you can prefer without any problem. Some dresses are unique and pretty good. Preferring them only is a better and reliable choice to save up a little for the later use and you can rely on those methods. They will help in several cases, and they can provide so many advantages for sure.

  1. Vote on Others’ Dressing

A gift box option is given on the main screen, and if you open it, there is an option to vote for others’ dressing sense or the craft they did. When you vote, it will enhance your score, credibility, and provide you free resources. Yes, it is one of the easy methods to earn more coins, and you can find it genuine opinion, which is considered by many.

Most of the dresses available have the option to craft with other styles. Even, you can go after bohemian styling. Keep getting better dresses, and when they become a better combo, you can expect better votes. So, you can consider it a simple way to earn more coins and diamonds. Both currencies matter a lot.

  1. Link to Facebook

An additional method to earn more coins is attaching your gaming account to social media. Facebook is a genuine option, and developers are offering it. This will save your overall progression and the option to invite a friend to add glory. If any of your friends join Love Nikki, then you can earn extra profit in such cases. Progression becomes easier, and it is quite a helpful option to go after.

In case you want other ways to earn more coins and diamonds, then Love Nikki Hack seems like a bit reliable option. It can easily fulfill the need and provide a range of advantages. Getting free resources also saves your money from the purchase of virtual currency. Most of the gamers are relying on this method.

  1. Duplicate Outfits

Sometimes, it is very common to get common outfits into your collection, and they are not bad, but having similar dresses mean wasting money. So, it is all about changing their style or crafting a different look from them. All the dresses are impressive, but if you want to get rid of duplicate dresses, then we suggest going after crafting option from the main screen.

This will let you change the bottom part of the dress with other trousers. The overall combination looks unique, and you can use old clothes. It is a bad choice to buy extra clothes, and if you end up buying the same dress, then you don’t have any other option than crafting the same. Sometimes, it will let you get extra votes on the different craft; that’s why you can consider it.

Keep on trying new combinations, and once you start getting better at it, earning extra coins and diamonds become easier by this method.


Love Nikki works on the very simple mechanism, and some expensive dresses are added into the game by developers. You can try out all the best ones, and if you have any issues with currencies, then looking after Love Nikki Cheats can provide all the advantages. Hope, this post will help you earn enough resources and progress at a faster rate in Love Nikki without spending money on the in-app purchases store.


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